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What is QGIS mapserver ?

QGIS mapserver is an open source WMS (1.3.0 and 1.1.1) implementation. In addition, it implements advanced cartographic features as specified in the Map and Diagram Service specifications.

With QGIS mapserver the content of vector and raster datasources (e.g. shapefiles, gml, postgis, wfs, geotiff ) can be visualized according to cartographic rules (specified as request parameters). The generated map is sent back to the client over the internet.



- Enhanced WMS (Web Map Service) via HTTP GET. Supports GetCapabilities, GetMap, GetStyle, GetFeatureInfo and custom styling with Styled Layer Descriptor (Supported standards: WMS 1.3.0, WMS 1.1.1, and SLD 1.0.0).

- SOAP via HTTP POST. Compatible with the ORCHESTRA and SANY Service Oriented Architecture.

- Native configuration with SLD. User friendly map symbolisation with QGIS Desktop and PublishtoWeb plugin.

- Cartographic extensions to SLD (diagrams, patterns and custom symbols with Scalable Vector Graphics). Exchange of cartographic rules with the GetStyle operation.


Underlying technologies

The QGIS mapserver is a FastCGI/CGI application written in C++. It works together with a webserver (Apache in most cases) invoking the FastCGI application.

It uses QGIS as backend for the GIS logic and for map rendering (more precisely the libraries libqgis_core.so/dll and libqgis_gui.so/dll).

The library Qt is used for graphics and for plattform independent C++ programming.


Supported plattforms

Linux, Windows XP (only CGI at the moment) and MacOSX. Other Unixes possible, but not tested



QGIS mapserver is an open source program released under the GPL license


Get involved!

If you like to get involved in the development, please contact the development team



QGIS mapserver has been developed at the Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich with the support of the ORCHESTRA, SANY and SwissExperiment projects. ORCHESTRA and SANY are 6th Framework European Integrated Projects co-funded by the Information Society and Media DG of the European Commission within the RTD activities of the Thematic Priority Information Society Technologies. SwissExperiment is an initiative of the Competence Centre Environment and Sustainability of the ETH Domain (CCES) which has been created to provide a platform for large scale sensor network deployment and information retrieval and exploitation.



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