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New binaries will be released toghether with QGIS Desktop 1.6. In the mean time please follow the following steps in order to get started:

1. Compile QGIS from Source by following the QGIS Instalation Guide (FCGI library is an additional dependency, so please make sure you also have it before starting the compilation!).

2. Locate the QGIS mapserver binary (qgis_map_serv.fcgi) that was generated together with the QGIS binaries.

3. Install a Webserver (e.g. Apache) and place the located qgis_map_serv.fcgi (and the xml file with the metadata from the same directory) in the cgi folder of your Webserver

4. Configure the mapserver with fcgi by entering the following line into fcgid.conf: "DefaultInitEnv LD_LIBRARY_PATH <Path to Qt libraries>:<Path to QGIS libraries>" (and restart the Webserver after this)

5. Edit a project in QGIS Desktop and save it.

6. Place the QGIS project file in the cgi directory of the mapserver.

7. Test the mapserver configuration with the WMS client of QGIS Desktop: if you followed the steps correctly you should get access to the layers defined in your .qgs project file.

Old user manual: QGIS Mapserver User Manual

You may also read the GIScience 2010 tutorial, and refer to "Publications", "Configuration" and "Sample Requests" pages.

Get involved!

If you like to get involved in the development, please contact the development team.



QGIS mapserver has been developed at the Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich with the support of the ORCHESTRA, SANY and SwissExperiment projects. ORCHESTRA and SANY are 6th Framework European Integrated Projects co-funded by the Information Society and Media DG of the European Commission within the RTD activities of the Thematic Priority Information Society Technologies. SwissExperiment is an initiative of the Competence Centre Environment and Sustainability of the ETH Domain (CCES) which has been created to provide a platform for large scale sensor network deployment and information retrieval and exploitation.


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